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Get 80 Sugar Free Recipes for Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Muffins, and More That Slim Your Waist, Balance Your Blood Sugar, and Transform Your Health

Inside this cookbook you'll find 50 ways to enjoy sweet tasting desserts…

But without feeling drained, brain foggy and lousy soon after. 

If you eat desserts daily, you can lose pounds of weight from my recipes, while still delighting your taste buds and improving your health.

The recipes are quick and easy to prepare - most taking 20 minutes or less.

They don't involve any advanced kitchen skills…

And you can find all the ingredients at any good grocery store. 

Now, I don’t have the budget of a big book publisher.

So I can only afford to get 200 copies of this cookbook printed at a time.

Right now, I have copies available.

And you can grab one right now, if you scroll to the bottom of this page.

Inside this cookbook find a one-of-a-kind collection of juicy, fruity cakes…

Moreish cookies you’ll love to munch throughout the day…

Nourishing, heart warming pies…

Muffins you can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… 

Decadently sweet truffles…

And much, much more.

Remember, these are desserts that not only satisfy your sweet cravings…

But also help keep your blood sugar in check! 

Imagine digging into banana and strawberry pancakes at breakfast without a side serving of guilt.... 

Or satisfying your chocolate cravings with the healthy ferrero rocher...

And let's not forget my crème brûlée recipe, a luscious treat that tastes like a dream and feels like a healthy choice. 

As you're about to discover...

Managing your blood sugar and losing weight doesn't have to mean giving up the sweeter things in life. 

Here's a sample of the 50 sweet delights that are inside:

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Bonus #2:

10 Minute Sugar Free Desserts

This is the perfect go-to recipe book for whipping up a quick dessert that won't spike your blood sugar. 

Every one of these ten mouthwatering sweet treats takes just ten minutes to prepare, and requires only a few simple ingredients.

Savor rich chocolatey Avocado Chocolate Pudding, melt-in-your mouth Keto Peanut Butter Cups, enjoy the fresh fruity flavors of juicy Raspberry Coconut Fool or a layered Apple Crisp kicked up with warming cinnamon spice. 

Bonus #3:

10 Sugar Free Smoothie Recipes

Pour away the sugar loaded soda and enjoy a glass of these sugar-free smoothies instead! 

Chockfull of nourishing fruits, veggies, spices and more, this collection of sugar free smoothies makes it easy to quench your thirst without spiking your blood sugar.

Start your day with the sweet-tart pop of the Raspberry Lemon Zinger,  allow Berry Bliss to take your tastebuds on a delectable fruit-filled adventure, or bask n the warmth of the Cinnamon smoothie with its deliciously creamy protein base. 

Grab a blender and get ready to treat your tastebuds to these delicious sugar-free smoothies! You'll be improving your energy, blood sugar, and health with every gulp.

Bonus #4:

10 x Sugar Free Ice Creams

Finally, you can enjoy ice cream free from guilt or worrying about your blood sugar! 

Wake up your taste buds with the warm notes of Pumpkin Spice or Cinnamon Roll ice creams, indulge your inner child with swirled ribbons of rich Peanut Butter ice cream, get whisked away to the tropics with luscious Coconut Milk ice cream, or how about enjoying the earthy depth of Green Tea?

Inside this recipe book you'll find a delightful sugar free ice cream recipe for every palate.

So go grab your biggest dessert spoon - your tastebuds and health will thank you for it!

All FREE with the Sugar Free Desserts Cookbook

Balance Your Blood Sugar, Transform Your Health

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If you’ve got a sweet tooth… and would love to continue enjoying delicious desserts whenever you want…

Without feeling guilty or anxious…

Then this cookbook is for you!

Every recipe in this cookbook has been carefully crafted to eliminate HFCS, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and highly refined flour…

And to replace them with natural, healthy "secret sweet" swaps and almond flour.

If you want to enjoy delicious desserts while keeping your blood sugar stable, slimming your waist, and improving your health… you owe it to yourself to give my “50 Sugar Free Recipes” cookbook a try.

Like I said, I can only print off 200 copies at a time. 

I do currently have copies available. 

But they could sell out at any moment.

So don't miss your chance to enjoy delicious desserts whenever you want… 

Guilt and worry free.

Now, if you haven’t scrolled down already, you may be wondering… 

Every recipe comes with professional photography, nutrition information, preparation times, and aerving suggestions

Just imagine being able to satisfy your sweet tooth… at any time of the day.

To enjoy cake, cookies, and pie whenever you want…

And without having to worry about your blood sugar spiking, or feeling drained and lousy soon after.

In fact, it will be the REVERSE!

You’ll be able to enjoy more energy, as the pounds fall away, your blood sugar stays at an even keel, and your health improves.

The best part?

Even if you struggle to bake rice krispie treats, you’ll find the tasty recipes in my sugar free desserts cookbook are easy as pie.

In fact, they’re so simple my 12 year old nephew can bake them.

Please check your email inbox for the digital version of the "50 Sugar Free Desserts" cookbook and bonuses 20 mins after completing your purchase. 

If you buy the printed version, the "50 Sugar Free Desserts" cookbook will reach you in the mail within 1 week.

Whichever version you purchase, you're protected with a 180 day guarantee. If you don't lose weight, balance your blood sugar and improve your health... or just change your mind and want your money back... return the cookbooks for a full refund. 

Digital Version ONLY - Delivered by Email

Download as an eBook to your mobile, tablet or computer

Digital copy of the cookbook and the bonuses you can access immediately on all your devices.

Your price: $9.97

Print Version - Mailed to Your Door

Flick through the recipes, write notes in the margins and lend it to friends

Printed version of the "50 Sugar Free Desserts" cookbook sent in the mail

You also get a digital version of the cookbook and bonuses by email.

Your price: $14.97 + $4.95 S&H

Bonus #1:

Blood Sugar Balancing Checklist

✔️Get to grips with the glycemic index to make smarter food choices

✔️How to swap out refined sugar junk foods for healthier options

✔️4 high protein snacks that fill you up and keep cravings at bay

✔️Never skip breakfast with these blood sugar friendly brekkies 

✔️How to tap into bitter tastes to switch off sugar cravings

✔️5 foods that satisfy a sweet tooth without spiking blood sugar 

✔️5 things to drink instead of fattening, sweetened soda

✔️The surprising reason “diet” soda makes people fat

✔️4 lazy ways to exercise and burn both blood sugar and fat

✔️Bonus - Recipe for a blood sugar balancing smoothie to kick start each day and keep cravings at bay

Discover simple, manageable lifestyle changes that will help you balance your blood suagr, lose weight and transform your health:

How'd you like to enjoy delicious sugar free desserts that help balance your blood sugar, slim your waist, and improve your health...

While satisfying your sweet tooth?

I'm talking about desserts like slices of lemon & berry cheesecake...

Delightfully sweet creme brulee...

And moreish chocolate brownies...

Which you can enjoy whenever you want, 100% guilt free.

Well, I found a way to bake cakes, cookies, pies, muffins, and more that delight your taste buds without jeopardizing your health.

I call it my “secret sweet” technique

But once they started using my “secret sweet” technique...

They had fewer cravings, fewer energy crashes...

And they enjoy the peace of mind knowing every spoonfull was helping to nudge their blood sugar into perfect balance.

Sounds amazing, right?

Well, allow me to share how....

You too can enjoy delicious desserts without guilt or worrying about your waistline

I'm also going to reveal:

2 of the worst dessert ingredients that spike your blood sugar and cause weight gain (and neither of them are sugar)

3 "secret sweet" swaps that allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth without risking your health

Why the recipes in most "sugar free" cookbooks may actually be skyrocketing your blood sugar and increasing heart attack risk

I'll share the answers to all these things in a moment.

First, allow me to explain how this page came about.

Hello, my name is Glenda Thompson.

It's a technique that's helped over 3,000 people to enjoy delicious desserts guilt free! 

This includes people who suffered from high blood sugar for years...

And thought they'd never get to enjoy sweet foods again...

Without worrying about the impact on their health.

I'm not a doctor, or anybody famous. 

You won't have seen me on TV...

And I haven't written a NY Times best seller on weight loss.

But what I do know is what it's like to suffer from high blood sugar for years... 

But with NO CLUE it was to blame for my exhaustion, cravings, brain fog, irritability, and inability to lose weight.

What I also didn’t know is that high blood sugar was to blame for my overpowering sweet tooth

I’d eat cookies, cakes, and pies whenever they were offered.

I figured I’d lose the weight someday.

But I felt so exhausted, brain foggy, and "hangry" all the time...

I went to see my doctor to get checked out.

Well, I was in for one heck of a rude awakening!

Because in his stern doctor’s voice, he told me my blood sugar was in the danger zone... 

And unless I took steps to get it under control I faced worse problems than low energy, cravings, and a lousy mood… 

I also risked kidney problems, heart complications, and even memory loss.(1)

Well, hearing all this was disheartening. 

But it was the wakeup call I needed to change my eating habits.

As ever since I was a child, I'd had an unhealthy relationship with desserts and sweet foods... 

I’d linked cookies, cakes, and sweets to birthdays, parties, comfort, and feeling good

I never thought I had the time to eat healthily (I’d much rather collapse on the sofa with a detective show and a bowl of Ben & Jerrys).

But my habit of eating big bowls of dessert for comfort was impacting my health, and I had to change it.

The good news is that after taking a deep dive into the causes of high blood sugar...

The impact of ultra processed ingredients on our health...

And what I could do to get my blood sugar and health back on track…

I developed my “secret sweet” technique… which allows you to enjoy delicious desserts while slimming your waist, boosting your energy, and improving your health

Well, my "secret sweet" technique proved so beneficial for me I wanted to share it with more people...

People worried about their blood sugar and health, who often feel drained and exhausted, and overwhelmed by cravings for biscuits, sugary snacks, and cake.

So I challenged myself to share my “secret sweet” technique with as many people as I could

Like I said, over 3,000 people have benefited from my “secret sweet” technique.

They’re able to enjoy delicious pies, cookies, and cakes again…

And satisfy their sweet tooth without feeling guilty about the impact on their blood sugar, waistline, or health.

Before I share it with you, allow me to expose…

The hidden ingredient in desserts that’s to blame for blood sugar spikes and weight gain…

Among the ingredients used to sweeten desserts is one that should come with a warning label: high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).(2) 

HFCS is made from corn starch.

Big food companies love it, as it's cheap to make and tastes like sugar.

You'll find it in everything from cookies to candy to ice cream…

And it can wreck havoc to your waistline, blood sugar, and health.

Here’s why…

Your body was never designed to process high levels of HFCS. 

This results in excess fructose getting converted straight into visceral fat around your belly - the sort of fat that's not just unattractice... but suffocates your internal organs and raises disease risk.(3)

HFCS also spikes blood sugar and sends insulin into disarray.(4)

This then results in cravings for more sweet foods, crashing energy levels, and brain fog.

It's no wonder the amount of HFCS in processed food is linked to weight gain, a fatty liver, and heart issues.(5)

So when shopping for desserts, check the label. And if you see "high fructose corn syrup" listed put it back!

The good news is I found a way to enjoy desserts without HFCS… 

While still ensuring they taste delightfully sweet...

How to replace HFCS with natural, safe alternatives that DON’T spike your blood sugar

Did you know there's a way to satisfy your sweet cravings without a single drop of HFCS, or a single grain of processed sugar?

See, Mother Nature has provided us with a bounty of “secret sweet” alternatives. 

Ingredients that provide food a naturally sweet flavor… 

But without all the health risks of HFCS or refined sugars.

They're also not as addictive as processed sugar...

(which, in my view, is why the big food companies would rather these natural sugars were kept a secret).

Here’s three “secret sweet” ingredients I discovered:

1. Maple Syrup

Maple syrup comes from the sap of maple tree branches. 

Rich in antioxidants and minerals with a modest glycemic impact, maple syrup offers a lusciously sweet flavor that's less likely to raise your blood sugar.(6)

Maple syrup perfectly pares with oatmeal or yogurt. While for baking, maple syrup adds a light sweetness to muffins, cakes and cookies. 

2. Monk Fruit

Monk fruit is a zero-calorie natural sweetener that hails from Asia. 

Monk fruit contains over 100 antioxidants and also has anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Since the body doesn’t absorb its sweet compounds too fast, monk fruit helps avoid blood sugar spikes.(7) 

This makes powdered monkfruit perfect for sprinkling into smoothies or combining with chocolate for a sweet treat without the guilt.

Thanks to this technique, and other lifestyle habits I have to share, you too can enjoy:

More energy

A slimmer waist

Happier joints

A sharper mind

Better sleep

A happier tummy

People may even say you look younger.

3. Erythritol

Occurring naturally in some fruits, erythritol contains just 0.24 calories per gram and it has no effect on glucose or insulin.(8) 

With its smooth crystal-like texture, erythritol makes the perfect partner for chocolate chips, peanut butter cups and creamy puddings, minus the bitter aftertaste of other sugar alcohols.

So you see, with these three ingredients, you can infuse sweetness into desserts without the health risks of HFCS or refined sugar.

And these "secret sweets" are just for starters...

As I discovered that cinnamon, vanilla, and cacao can also be used to create delicious desserts that help you burn calories and slim down while balancing your blood sugar.

But that’s not all.

I also discovered another food swap that’s far healthier for your blood sugar, weight and health.

3 reasons why you should avoid baking cakes with refined white flour

Want to know another ingredient you should avoid in desserts?

Highly refined white flour!

See, there are three key reasons why highly refined white flour is unhealthy:

1. Strippped of nutrition - White flour is heavily processed, stripping away the bran and germ which contains most of the fiber, protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.(9) 

This leaves you with only starchy flour with very few nutrients. 

2. Blood sugar spikes - Refining flour increases its glycemic index as it no longer contains fiber or protein. This causes faster blood sugar and insulin spikes compared to whole grains.(10)

3. Inflammation - The high omega-6 content of refined grains combined with loss of antioxidants during processing promotes inflammation.(11) 

So you see, when flour is highly refined it’s not only stripped of its fiber but turned into an ingredient that's bad for your health.

Want to know what nutty flour I recommend you bake with instead?

Almond flour!

While balancing your blood sugar…

And slimming your waist?

Sounds impossible?

Well, it’s true. 


Let me ask you...

How'd you like to enjoy:

Banana & almond muffins...

Cherry sorbet...

Ferrero rocher chocolate...

Lemon and berry cheesecake...

And chocolate brownies...

Milled from almond skin, almond flour packs nearly six grams of protein and five grams of fiber per quarter cup serving. 

Contrast that to white flour’s paltry nutrients and the winner for your weight and health is clear. 

Here are three reasons to bake with almond flour:

1. Nutrient dense - Almond flour provides far greater nutrition and metabolic benefits.(12) As our bodies thrive when we work with foods in their whole, minimally processed forms.

2. Weight loss - Almonds contain healthy fats that help blunt the blood sugar spikes that drive fat storage – while helping you to burn more calories.(13)

3. Better blood sugar balance - Almond flour has a low glycemic impact, keeping blood sugar steady. This is crucial for appetite and weight control.(14)

So you see, nutrient-dense almond flour is a much better option for nourishing your body while keeping blood sugar stable.

Well, after finding out what a huge impact baking with the 3 “secret sweets” and almond flour could make to my waistline, blood sugar balance, and health…

I spent weeks looking for sugar free recipes for cakes, cookies, pies, cakes, and muffins containing these healthier ingredients

But while nearly all the recipes I found were technically "sugar free"...

They contained another ingredient that can wreck your gut, raise your blood sugar, and even increase the risk of heart issues.

Artificial sweeter!

I'm talking about artifical sweeteners like splenda, sucralose, and aspartame (erythritol is technically a sweetener, but it has zero effect on glucose).

While it's claimed artificial sweeteners offer a healthier alternative to sugar, new research is revealing they carry health risks of their own:

If you ask me, my recipes taste much better, as there’s no guilt attached.

And after these recipes helped me to slim down, balance my blood sugar, and improve my health...

I shared them with friends, family, and loved ones who could benefit.

And the response was off the charts!

People didn't just tell me they loved how my recipes tasted... 

But also how quick and easy they were to prepare.

People also told me they loved the peace of mind knowing they could enjoy delicious desserts without blood sugar spikes or the guilt of worrying about their health.

Well, after receiving such great feedback...

I decided to share my recipes with as many people as possible.

And that includes YOU!

Because you've read this page to this point...

That shows you’re eager to improve your diet, to eliminate health wrecking ingredients, and to take control of your health.

And I want to help you do it!

How much does my “50 Sugar Free Dessert Recipes” cookbook cost?

My cookbook is totally unique, and unlike any "sugar free" cookbook you may have tried. 

As it features recipes specifically crafted to replace HFCS, refined sugar and refined flour with natural sweet tasting alternatives that taste delicious and are far better for your health.

Let me ask you…

How much is balancing your blood sugar, slimming down, and enjoying peak health worth to you?

How much would you invest to enjoy more energy, a slimmer waist, a brighter mood…

And to enjoy dessert whenever you want, without feeling lousy, brain foggy, and drained soon after?

You have 180 days to try all the recipes…

And if you don't enjoy more energy, healthier blood sugar, you don't ose as much weight as you hoped…

Or you just arent impressed with the cookbook and want your money back…

Then you won’t pay a dime.

On this page you've discovered why it's not just high fructose corn syrup and hidden sugars in desserts you need to avoid...

But also white flour and sweeteners...

Which can raise your blood sugar... wreck your gut... and even increase the risk of heart attacks.

Yet bizarrely, these ingredients are often used in "sugar free" and "diabetes friendly" recipes.

That's why the recipes in my cookbook are carefully crafted to eliminate these ingredients... 

And to use safer, healthier alternatives instead.

Select the Printed or Digital Version of the "50 Sugar Free Desserts Cookbook" + 4 Digital Bonuses

Delight your taste buds while balancing your blood sugar, slimming your waist, and transforming your health...

With recipes crafted without HFCS, refined sugar, or refined flour but blood sugar friendly ingredients instead...

Discover why going sugar free doesn't have to mean going without the sweet things in life...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do the recipes really support healthy blood sugar?

A. Yes, these recipes are specially crafted to eliminate high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), all types of processed sugar, and refined flour. Instead, they contain natural sugars like maple syrup, monk fruit, and erythritol which are far less likely to spike blood sugar, cause weight gain, or unwanted inflammation.

Plus, the recipes incorporate high fiber ingredients that help slow digestion, provide a steady release of energy, and calm cravings for longer.

Q. What makes this superior to the cookbooks I can find in a bookstore?

Before crafting my own recipes I spent a fortune on recipe books. But the problem I found is that while most claimed to be sugar free, they included artificial sweeteners like splenda, sucralose, and aspartame.

Recent research shows that these artificial sweeteners carry health risks of their own. This includes impacting gut health, tricking the body into raising blood sugar, and they may even affect heart health.

Whereas the recipes in my “50 Sugar Free Desserts” cookbook don't contain any artificial sweeteners.

Some do contain erythritol, but this is a natural sugar alcohol, whereas splenda, sucralose, and aspartame are entirely synthetic.

My recipes also include almond flour, which is far healthier than the refined flour used in most sugar free cookbooks found in bookstores.

Q. What sweeteners are used?

A. The recipes use three main natural sweeteners - monk fruit extract, erythritol, and maple syrup. Monk fruit provides sweetness without calories or carbs. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that doesn't impact blood sugar. And maple syrup contains antioxidants and minerals that help regulate blood sugar when enjoyed in moderation.

Q. Do I get a digital copy of the cookbook?

A. Yes, you get a downloadable eBook version free with every print purchase. This gives you the ability to access all 50 recipes both digitally and in your kitchen when cooking!

Q. Can I find all the ingredients in a normal grocery store?

A. Definitely! These desserts use common ingredients like almond flour, coconut oil, cocoa powder, fresh berries that you'll find at any major grocery store for convenience.

Q. When will my book arrive?

A. Your book will be delivered within 5 business days or less once shipped. So if you order today you can be enjoying sugar free desserts in less than a week!

Q. How hard are the desserts to make?

A. These desserts come with clear, easy to follow instructions and everyday ingredients. They’re totally beginner friendly, and so simple even my 12 year old nephew can bake them.

Q. Are these desserts ok for a diabetic or someone with blood sugar issues?

Yes, these desserts are perfectly tailored for diabetics and anyone looking to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. With fiber-rich ingredients and sugar-free sweeteners, they’re far less likely to cause energy crashes or spikes.

1. Wreck gut health - Artifical sweeteners have been found to kill off good bacteria in your gut.(15) And this in turn impacts your immune health and metabolism. A bacteria imbalance can even tigger inflammation, and make you more prone to weight gain over time.

Well, after finding out about the health risks of artificial sweeteners used in most "sugar free" cookbooks I had only one option...

To create sugar free recipes of my own!

I carefully crafting recipes where I replaced HFCS, refined sugar, refined flour, and artificial sweeteners with safer, healthier alternatives

50 Sugar Free Desserts - Recipes for Cakes, Cookies, Pies, Muffins, Truffles and More That Help You Slim Your Waist, Balance Your Blood Sugar and Transform Your Health

Please check your email inbox for the digital version of the "50 Sugar Free Desserts" cookbook and bonuses 20 mins after completing your purchase. 

If you buy the printed version, the "50 Sugar Free Desserts" cookbook will reach you in the mail within 1 week.

Whichever version you purchase, you're protected with a 180 day guarantee. If you don't lose weight, balance your blood sugar and improve your health... or just change your mind and want your money back... return the cookbooks for a full refund. 

Digital Version ONLY - Delivered by Email

Download as an eBook to your mobile, tablet or computer

Digital copy of the cookbook and the bonuses you can access immediately on all your devices.

Your price: $9.97

Select the Printed or Digital Version of my "50 Sugar Free Desserts Cookbook" + 3 Digital Bonuses

Delight your taste buds while balancing your blood sugar, slimming down, and transforming your health...

With recipes crafted without HFCS, refined sugar, or refined flour but blood sugar friendly ingredients instead...

Discover why going sugar free doesnt have to mean going without the sweet things in life...


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2. Blood sugar spikes - Even though they're technically not sugar, artificial sweeteners can still spike your blood sugar and insulin.(16) This is because your body reacts to their intense sweet taste by anticipating a sugar load and overpreparing.

3. Heart health risk - Recent studies have revealed that the artificial sweeteners found in diet soda increase the risk of heart health issues. Which is ironic as many people switch to diet soda in the belief it will improve their health.(17) 

Just return the cookbook with a print out of your receipt, and your purchase will be refunded in full.

You can even keep the digital copies after I’ve refunded your money.

If you order the digital only version you can claim a refund within 180 days, and without having to delete the files from your computer.

By offering such a generous guarantee I hope to encourage you to give my “50 Sugar Free Desserts” cookbook a try.

And discover why going sugar free never tasted so sweet!

Enjoy Delicious Desserts Whenever You Want Without the Health Wrecking Effects of HFCS, Sugar, Sweeteners, or White Flour

This means you can enjoy the desserts in my cookbook whenever you want...

Which will also help you burn calories, slim your waist, boost your energy, and improve your quality of life.

You deserve to be healthy, happy, and free to satisfy your sweet tooth without guilt or fear.

And my "50 Sugar Free Desserts" cookbook will help you do it.

Try it risk free for 180 days.

And discover how can still delight your taste buds while balancing your blood sugar, slimming your waist, and improving your health.

Glenda Thompson

Whichever recipe you choose...

You’re mere minutes away from biting into a tasty treat that will satisfy your taste buds while improving your health with every bite.

The next time your craving for something sweet hits but time’s running short, don’t panic - just open up this cookbook! 

After all, food is one of life’s great joys.

Why deprive yourself of something that gives you so much pleasure…

When you can enjoy sweet tasting desserts safely… without guilt or worry?

With all that being said (and due to the high costs of printing)…

You can grab your copy of the cookbook and all the bonuses for a one-time payment of just $14.97 (+ shipping)!

Or $9.97 if you choose the digital only version.

Yet I want you to know you don’t risk a penny when you pick up a copy today, because…

You’re Protected By a 180 Day "Love Every Recipe and the Results Or Your Money Back" Guarantee

Print Version - Mailed to Your Door

Flick through the recipes, write notes in the margins and lend it to friends

Printed version of the "50 Sugar Free Desserts" cookbook sent in the mail

You also get a digital version of the cookbook and bonuses by email.

Your price: $14.97 + $4.95 S&H