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Discover Why 'The Carnivore Diet' is the Ulimate Elimination Diet and the Fastest  Way to Lose Weight, Reverse Health Issues, and Transform Your Health 

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Hey, Glenda here!

One of the most common questions I get asked is: "what’s the fastest and easiest way to eliminate all the ingredients that destabilize my blood sugar, make me overweight, and sick?”

Should you try keto? 


Or even go vegan?

Well, I expect you’ve tried all these diets in the past… and many others like them.

I expect you also found them too complicated, time consuming, or unsatisfying to follow, am I right?

Like, how are you supposed to keep your body in “ketosis”? What does that even mean?

Lots of people who’ve tried the Carnivore Diet say that in as little as 30 days they’re experienced:

Weight loss

The Carnivore Diet contains ZERO carbs while being high in protein and fat. 

Protein and fat make you feel fuller quicker, which reduces appetite and leads to lower calorie intake.(1)

Healthy inflammation

The Carnivore Diet eliminates all the foods that trigger inflammation, such as sugar, refined grains, vegetable oils, and processed foods. 

This in turn helps address all sorts of health problems caused by inflammation, including autoimmune issues, achy joints, and brain fog.(2) 

Better blood sugar control

The Carnivore Diet eliminates all sugars and carbs. 

This explains why many people report healthy blood sugar levels and improved insulin sensitivity after trying the Carnivore Diet for only 30 days.(3) 

Enhanced digestion 

Many people say the carnivore diet improves their digestion and relieves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation. 

This is because the carnivore diet eliminates many foods that can irritate the gut, such as gluten, lactose, fructose, and fiber.(4) 

Luckily, I found a much faster and easier way to improve my diet and health.

It doesn't involve counting calories… checking you’re eating the right sort of carbs… and you get to eat as much as you like.

What am I talking about?

The Carnivore Diet!

See, it’s a super simple way of eating which acts like a total health reset…

And which lots of longevity experts, functional health doctors, and dieticians are now recommending. Because…

With the Carnivore Diet, eliminating all the wrong foods couldn’t be easier… You ONLY eat meat!

Clearer skin 

Some people say that the carnivore diet clears their skin and reduces acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 

This may be because the carnivore diet eliminates many foods that can cause inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and oxidative stress, which can otherwise cause skin problems.(5)

Stronger bones 

Some people report that the carnivore diet strengthens their bones and prevents osteoporosis. 

This may be because the carnivore diet provides high amounts of protein, calcium, and vitamin D, which are essential for bone health.(6) 

A sharper brain 

Some people claim that the carnivore diet enhances their cognition and memory, and improves their mood. 

This is because the carnivore diet provides high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, creatine, and choline, which are beneficial for brain function and structure. (5)

Improved mood 

Some people say that the carnivore diet improves their mood and mental health, and helps them cope with depression and anxiety. 

This is because the carnivore diet provides high amounts of protein and fat, which are essential for brain function and neurotransmitter balance.(6)

So you see, the Carnivore Diet is like the ultimate health reset…

As it offers a ton of health transforming benefits.

And like I said, with the Carnivore Diet it couldn’t be simpler…

You just eat meat!

After reading about the amazing results people experience from this super simplified way of eating…

And noticing how much healthier I felt after trying it for 30 days myself…

I wanted to make it as easy as possible for people like you to give The Carnivore Diet a try for 30 days…

And to experience all of its blood sugar balancing, weight loss, and health transforming benefits for yourself!

But don’t feel alarmed at having to go cold turkey on fruits and vegetables all together.

As there are different versions of the Carnivore Diet you can follow…

You can be as flexible or extreme as you want.

I explain how to implement different types of the Carnivore Diet…

And how to smoothly transition to going “meat only” for 30 days (or longer if you want)… 

In a quickstart guide I’ll send you.

Here's what else is included in the 'Carnivore Diet Health Reset' package:

'Carnivore Diet Slow Cooker Recipes' Cookbook

This cookbook features 10 mouthwatering carnivore-friendly dishes you cook low and slow for maximum flavor and tenderness. 

The ease of using a slow cooker can't be overstated. 

Simply chop ingredients up, toss them in, and let the cooker work its magic. 

You can then come home after a long day to a finished meal.

Another of the major benefits of a slow cooker is that the long cooking times help break down tough cuts of meat into succulent, fall-apart tender pieces. 

The recipes in this cookbook can be adapted to a range of carnivore preferences. Leave out all the vegetables for strict zero-carb, or add them in to match your own nutritional needs. 

Inside this cookbook, you’ll find recipes for Chicken Thigh Coconut Curry, exotic new flavors like Lamb Tagine, dishes like Carnitas Lettuce Wraps or Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bowls… for a simple weeknight dinner or late brunch. 

So if you’d love to enjoy “set it and forget it” meals…

Try out the recipes in my ‘Carnivore Diet Slow Cooker” recipe book to enjoy healthy, protein-packed carnivore meals in the most simplified way possible!

What's Inside the  'Carnivore Broths and Soups' Cookbook…

This cookbook is your gateway to the world of nourishing, collagen-rich bone broths and nutrient-dense meaty soups! 

Whether you're new to nose-to-tail eating or a seasoned pro...

You'll discover tasty recipes for broths and soups using whole animal ingredients like beef shanks, bison bones, chicken feet, and rabbit meat. 

Sip on Beef Shank Soup loaded with marrow and drizzled with parsley-garlic oil for a light yet filling start to your morning…

Or come dinnertime, ladle hearty Bison Broth filled with fall-off-the-bone meat chunks and plenty of minerals extracted from the bones. 

When you need a warming up on a cold day, wrap your hands around a steamy mug of Chicken Feet Broth, known for its skin-rejuvenating benefits. 

With the easy to follow recipes in this cookbook…

You’ll discover just how simple and satisfying bone broths and meaty soups can be! 

Trust me, these steaming cups of goodness offer lots of nourishment as well as warmth and comfort.

100 Carnivore Diet Recipes Cookbook

Including breakfasts, grills and barbecue, and adventurous eats

This comprehensive set of recipes covers the full spectrum of possibilities within the Carnivore Diet.

Inside you’ll find recipes catering to various skill levels, culinary interests, and dietary strictness. 

So it’s much more than a cookbook.

It’s a trusty guide for discovering the world of flavors, cooking styles, and possibilities within the Carnivore Diet. 

I’ve also included my best tips for selecting high quality cuts of meat… understanding portion sizes… and mastering cooking methods to maximize nutrition in every bite. 

Because when it comes to carnivore eating, sourcing and preparation matter just as much as the cooking.

So whether you’re a seasoned carnivore eater or just want to give going meat-exclusive a try…

You’re going to find lots of recipes to try in this cookbook.

Recap: What You Can Look Forward to When You Follow the Carnivore Diet for As Little as 30 Days

1. Blood Sugar Control

By eliminating carbs and sugars and eating only meat and other animal foods, the Carnivore Diet helps stabilize blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. 

2. Weight Loss 

Eating only animal foods is satiating and leads to a reduction in overall calorie intake. So you can lose lots of weight without counting calories or limiting portion sizes.

3. Improvement in Health

The Carnivore Diet is like the ultimate "health reset". Many people report improvements in autoimmune issues, digestive problems, skin conditions, and more on an all-meat diet. 

4. More Energy

Lack of carbs and higher intake of B vitamins, iron, and omega-3s from animal foods can increase energy levels compared to eating processed foods. Many Carnivore Dieters report having steadier energy throughout the day.

5. Improved Digestion

The Carnivore Diet eliminates common irritants like fiber, FODMAPs, and lectins. For some, this results in fewer GI symptoms and less bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea.

A Snapshot of the 100 Recipes Inside

You Also Get 4 More Carnivore Diet Guides 

You can keep these gifts even if you decide the Carnivore Diet isn’t for you and want your upgrade refunded

In this Carnivore Diet Starter Guide, we’ll explore the history, fundamentals, and benefits of carnivore eating...

So you can make an informed decision about whether it’s right for you.

In this guide you'll also discover:

  • How to smoothly transition to the Carnivore Diet
  • How to maintain balance in your dinner plate and lifestyle
  • How to troubleshoot all the challenges that may arise when eating meat only.

This guide is your essential companion for deciding if the Carnivore Diet is the blood sugar, weight, and health breakthrough you've been looking for...

And and how to transition to eating meat only in a smooth, effortless way.

Print and eBook versions are available

2. Carnivore Diet 30 Day Health Transformation Meal Plan

With so many carnivore recipes to choose from, it can get overwhelming deciding what to eat and when.

Should you eat different types of meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? 

Or doesn’t it matter?

So to give you a roadmap of what to eat at different times of the day…

I created a 30-day Carnivore Diet meal plan for you to follow. 

It uses recipes from the ‘100 Carnivore Diet Recipes’ cookbook you’re getting today if you upgrade.

So you can experience how the Carnivore Diet can give you a "health reset" in as little as 30 days.

Just follow this meal plan, and over the course of 30 days you can look forward to your blood sugar balancing…

The weight dropping off on the scales… 

And to feel the most energetic and vibrantly healthy in years!

3. 30 Minute Carnivore Recipes

1. Carnivore Diet Quick Start Guide

The Carnivore Diet offers incredible health benefits, but many carnivore recipes call for lengthy cooking times.

So I created this collection of delicious carnivore recipes that you can prepare in 30 minutes or less!

The 10 quick and easy recipes inside this cookbook prove you don't need to spend all day in the kitchen to prepare nutrient-dense carnivore meals. 

They range from strict carnivore to a more flexible meat eater, where you allow some vegetables on your plate… 

From lightning-fast tuna salad and deviled eggs… 

To baked Italian meatballs and carnivore shrimp.

In this cookbook, you'll discover plenty of options for carnivore meals you can prepare in a flash.

4. Carnivore Diet Shopping Cheat Sheets

For each week of your '30-day Carnivore Diet Meal Plan', I’ve created a printable shopping list.

This makes stocking up on everything you need fast & easy. 

I’ve also calculated the amounts you need for each ingredient, so you don’t buy too much. 

In fact, you could even email the shopping list to your local butcher or farm store, and allow them to put together everything you need for each week.

With this weekly shopping cheat sheet, eating nose-to-tail has never been simpler. 

Just refer to your list and stock up on delicious cuts of beef, pork, lamb chicken, seafood and more!

As you can see…

These cookbooks and bonuses provide everything you need to do a Carnivore Diet 30 day "Health Reset"… 

And then to continue following the Carnivore Diet for as long as you wish.

You can then discover why the Carnivore Diet has become so popular…

And why so many people praise it as the fastest, easiest way to eliminate unhealthy foods, to balance your blood sugar, lose weight, and transform your health.

I want as many people as possible to benefit from what the Carnivore Diet has to offer.

Which is why I’m going to give you everything you’ve seen on this page for the price of just one cookbook!

That’s right…

You get:

Carnivore Diet Slow Cooker Recipes

Carnivore Diet Broths and Soups 

100 Carnivore Diet Recipes

Carnivore Diet Quick Start Guide

Carnivore Diet 30 Day Meal Plan

30 Minute Carnivore Recipes

Carnivore Diet Shopping Cheat Sheets

All for a single payment of just $27 (or $17 if eBook only)!

Your Upgrade Is Totally Risk Free as it’s Covered By My "Improve Your Blood Sugar, Lose Weight, and Transform Your Health or Your Money Back" 180 Day Guarantee

Just like with the “50 Sugar Free Desserts” cookbook…

You can try every recipe… 

Share the cookbooks with your partner, other family members, or friends…

And if the Carnivore Diet doesn’t help you to stabilize your blood sugar, to lose weight, and transform your health… 

Or you just decide the Carnivore Diet isn’t for you and want your money back…

All you need to do is return the ‘100 Carnivore Recipes’ cookbook in the mail…

And I’ll refund every cent (even if it’s ripped and covered in food stains).

Even after I’ve refunded your ‘100 Carnivore Diet Recipes’ cookbook, you can still keep the digital copy and all the bonuses.

Because you see…

My goal is to encourage you to give the Carnivore Diet a try…

And if it doesn’t prove beneficial for you then I’ll return your money and we can part as friends.

Select the Printed or eBook Version of the '100 Carnivore Diet Recipes' cookbook and Bonuses

Your order is protected by a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied you can reclaim your money within 180 days and keep the digital cookbooks and guides

Please check your email inbox for the digital versions of the "100 Carnivore Diet Recipes" cookbook and bonuses. 

Print Version

Get 100 printed carnivore recipes to flick through

You also get digital version of the cookbook and bonuses by email 

Your Price: $27

eBook Version ONLY

Digital copy of the '100 Carnivore Diet Recipes' cookbook and bonuses you can access immediately on your device

Your Price: $17

This is an eBook, not a printed cookbook

This is an eBook, not a printed cookbook

This is an eBook, not a printed cookbook

This is an eBook, not a printed cookbook

This is an eBook, not a printed cookbook

This is an eBook, not a printed cookbook